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Now everyone can own a Cold Laser (also known as Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT) for pain relief.

We provide Cold Laser Equipment to:

  • Practitioners who want to substantially increase their practice’s revenue while differentiating themselves from their competition by offering cutting edge, non- invasive, pain relief therapy with no side effects.
  • Veterinarians of Companion Animals and Equines who want faster recovery times for injuries and wounds even after surgery, as well as increasing revenue and their Clinic referrals.
  • People seeking the best home laser for treating in the comfort of their own home.
  • Pet Owners who want to get immediate and substantial results for their pet’s aches, pains and wounds when nothing else seems to be helping.
  • Equestrian laser use is also recommended for the working or horse athlete.  Our horse lasers are the best and get the fastest results for many types of injuries.

Our Laser Support Team strives to be your number one trusted source for all of your cold laser needs.

We deliver the best value, support, service and provide the right cold laser system that fits your needs.

From the highly trained professional who uses cold lasers in practice, to the home laser user seeking pain relief for themselves, loved ones and their pets.

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Owner FAQ

Can the general public own a super pulsed cold laser for home use?

Yes, we offer the best home lasers on the market at this time based on performance, safety, value and support. Now everyone has the ability to own cold laser equipment without having to go through an official training or certification process.

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What do I need to do to maintain cold laser equipment?

We recommend that you clean your laser with alcohol swabs or some sort of mild cleaner after every treatment. All the cold laser equipment that we provide has an expected life of 15,000 hours and above. All our lasers come standard with a 2 year warranty which can be extended to five years if desired.

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What is a super pulsed cold laser or low level laser?

It is a therapeutic non-surgical medical grade laser that non-invasively and painlessly, penetrates 3 to 6 inches deep into the body with non-visible and visible light, into an injured area, to stimulate a new healing cycle.

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What does a Cold Laser do?

Cold Lasers work on reducing or eliminating pain. The lasers also stimulate muscles, ligaments, nerves, bones, joints and soft tissue that have been injured or damaged in some way (impact, repetitive strain, age etc.) to re-grow and regenerate (heal) injured cells/tissue.

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Why does it work?

The laser beams invisible and visible laser light that penetrates up to 5 inches deep into the tissue and stimulates the cells in such a way as to increase lymph flow, decrease the firing of pain fibers and reinitiate healing. The internal body mechanism will make endorphins (natural pain killers) that reduce pain.

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What results can I expect from my Cold Laser?

While some people and animals get immediate results, others usually require 3 to 6 treatments before there is a lasting effect.  Typically after a course of treatment there will be an 80 to 100 percent improvement in function and an 80 to 100 percent reduction in pain.  People and animals will respond differently according to their own body’s natural healing rate and overall health. 

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Are there any side effects from biostimulation lasers?

The FDA has approved our cold laser equipment. There are no documented cases of any side effects. The laser is never put directly in someone’s eyes and protective eyewear should always be used while the laser is on.  The therapy is non-drug, non-surgical, non-invasive and 100% safe.

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What types of Pain Conditions do Cold Lasers Treat for Humans?

Laser pain relief is offered for Chronic pain and acute injuries associated with muscular-skeletal problems. Spinal problems, lower back pain relief, mid back pain, pinched nerves, neck pain relief and shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, knee injuries, hip problems, TMJ issues as well as elbow, wrist and hand problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia conditions and mystery pain.

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Why do the Cold Lasers we sell get better results than most others?

We only sell very high powered, super pulsed, true lasers.  We use superior wavelengths of light (dual wavelengths) that have the best effect when repairing human tissue. We do not sell or use class IV lasers that can very easily burn you or destroy cells.  In other words, the soft lasers we provide don’t have the ability to destroy a single cell in your body. 

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Is this treatment like traditional physical therapy tens units or ultrasound?

No, ultrasound is a form of heat therapy and tens units even though they are designed to break up the pain cycle, most times the relief offered is not lasting. The lasers we use do not produce heat and are actually repairing the cells in your body that are giving off pain signals.

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Can I use my cold laser on a horse or my pet if they are having pain issues?

Yes, pets and horses also can respond very quickly to laser therapy for pain relief as well as regenerating tissue. It is safe, non-invasive and starts to work immediately for most animal and horse pain conditions. Read more about what types of conditions cold lasers can treat for a pet or horse.

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