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The laser probes are applied directly to the skin and then activated by the practitioner. The patient will not feel any heat pain or discomfort during treatment.  Cells that lack energy are unable to participate in the healing process until enough ATP has been produced.  The laser works by stimulating the mitochondria of the cell, the cell engine to produce ATP at higher rates.

Cellular energy is produced by the mitochondria by absorbing glucose molecules and converting them into Adenosine triphosphate molecules. When red light is applied directly to the cell the process of converting glucose to Adenosine triphosphate is rapidly increased through the mitochondria allowing the cell to replicate faster.

When the cell has produced enough ATP to perform cell division, it can start to participate in the healing process. Energized cells will build upon one another rebuilding the damaged area and healing the patients condition on a cellular level.  After only a  few Coldlaser treatments the patient’s condition will be healed and the patient can return to full activity.

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