Practitioner’s guide to purchasing a cold laser

We are going to share with you:

  • 8 costly misconceptions about cold laser therapy and cold lasers
  • 5 recommendations
  • 12 questions you should ask the supplier of Cold Laser equipment, before you do business with them.

Common Misconceptions

Misconception #1. You should wait as long as possible before buying a cold laser for your practice
ABSOLUTELY NOT – The technology has been proven safe and effective through FDA Approvals and the completion of over 5,000 clinical studies worldwide. It is an indispensable tool to utilize in your practice, especially for the difficult to treat patients, who you feel you would like to do more for.

Misconception #2. One Cold Laser System is the same as another regardless of the average power (Total milliwatts) of the system
INCORRECT – the peak power and the average power are essential to the laser system protocol as they determine not only depth of penetration but also the treatment time.

Misconception #3 LED’s work just as well as Laser Diodes
Not True – LED’s are not Lasers and cost pennies in comparison to hundreds of dollars for coldlaser diodes. LED’s emit non-collimated light in all directions, with only 1 to 10% of the energy emitted in the direction of the tissue. LED’s are under- powered and produce insufficient photon energy to excite a cellular response beyond a few millimeters of depth. There is little clinical evidence to support that LED’s can effectively bio-stimulate tissue beyond a few millimeters. Only true lasers have the ability to successfully treat tissue conditions at depth to produce a lasting healing response.

Misconception #4. Continuous Wave (CW) laser systems are as effective as Super Pulsed lasers
Not at all – CW laser systems have a constant power output and their photon density is 500 times less powerful than a comparable super-pulsed laser system. Photon Density along with wavelength are the most important factors in determining depth of penetration.

Misconception #5. Power Density is not really important.
Power density or Photon density is the 2nd most important factor (Wavelength is 1st) in determining depth of penetration. In order to treat conditions deep below the tissue surface, Power Density is extremely important.

Misconception #6. All Therapeutic Laser Systems can achieve the same depth of penetration.
Incorrect, as mentioned in # 5 above Power Density, along with Wavelength, determine depth of penetration. LED and Continuous Wave laser systems have a lower Power Density than a super-pulsed laser system; hence, they have a lower depth of penetration.
Super-pulsed coldlasers achieve depths of penetration of 4 to 6 inches. A good analogy would be – “a fire hose turned on & off quickly will deliver the same quantity of water to a lawn as a sprinkler left on continuously, but it is the water pressure (photon density) of the hose that will provide the depth of penetration of the water to the lawn.” Photons only have a life span of pico-seconds. Therefore the rate of delivery of those photons (peak power) is essential for photobio-stimulation to occur at tissue depth. Without high peak power the treatment is much less effective and will require much more actual treatment time.

Misconception #7 The only reason to have a Therapeutic Laser System is to use it as an adjunctive therapy to Chiropractic.
Incorrect – Chiropractic practice is excellent for mechanical adjustment and re-alignment of the spine and related structures. Therapeutic Cold laser equipment can be used for chronic pain relief and decreasing inflammation throughout the entire body. Cold lasers can be used to complement a chiropractic practice, but in addition the laser can treat conditions, not treatable with standard chiropractic practice; hence, increasing the scope of practice of a chiropractic practice or other medical practice.

Misconception #8 Patients are not prepared to pay “Out of Pocket” for Cold Laser Therapy.
Wrong. When patients start getting positive results like they usually do, conformance is very high and they are very willing to pay out of pocket for the full course of treatment. Making it a strategic decision to improve practice income is a very viable and lucrative proposition.

If you are considering buying or leasing a Therapeutic Medical Cold Laser, we offer these five recommendations:

Recommendation #1
Purchase a super-pulsed laser system; thereby providing you with a laser system capable of providing superior photon density for the greatest possible depth of penetration. With a super-pulsed laser system, you will not be limited in the number of conditions you are able to treat.

Recommendation #2
Purchase Cold Laser Equipment that has three clinically proven wavelengths or radiances that work in synergy.
660 nm is not only ideal for decreasing inflammation it is also absorbed by superficial tissue and clears the way for infrared 875 nm to penetrate deeper and eliminate cellular interference which allows the 905 nm super pulsed wavelength to go even deeper: This will cover the entire therapeutic spectrum for optimal tissue saturation.

Recommendation #3
Purchase cold laser equipment, which has multiple laser diodes and laser heads. In this way, you will be able to treat larger surface areas in short treatment times, increasing the throughput and hence profitability of your practice.

Recommendation #4
Seek out a cold laser which offers multi-source technology that successfully manipulates the interaction between light, laser and magnetic energy fields to achieve the desired penetration in the target tissue area.

Recommendation #5
Purchase your cold laser equipment from a reputable company that can provide you hands-on training, clinical and technical support and customer service. This way you and your equipment will always be supported as you build your practice with the incorporation of therapeutic laser systems. Make sure however, that you purchase the extended warranty on any cold lasers that you buy.

By following these five recommendations, you’ll gain the information you need to make a solid, informed decision.

The next step is to ask yourself and the supplier(s) specific questions and write down the answers.

Here are the questions we suggest you ask

Question #1
Is what you are buying an actual LASER? Or is it an LED (Light Emitting Diode) or Both? The price difference can be huge.

Question #2
If in the United States, Has the Cold Laser been approved by the FDA for safety and effectiveness?

Question #3
What is the Output power of the LASER? How many total milliWatts? (More is better) Have you calculated the actual cost per milliwatt and made value comparisons with other suppliers pricing?

Question #4
How is the device used with the patient? If the device does not need to make contact with the surface of the skin then the energy will not go deep into tissue and treatment will be less effective.

Question #5
How long are the recommended treatment times? Shorter timeframes will be more efficient and will make you more money.

Question #6
Does the cold laser supplier offer a good Certified Training program? Is more than one level of training offered?

Question #7
What is the supplier’s policy in regards to selling to non-medically qualified Professionals? Does a policy exist?

Question #8
What maintenance is required? How often does it require servicing and how much does it cost to service and re-calibrate?

Question #9
Whom can you speak to that would recommend the coldlaser equipment in question?

Question #10
How long is the Product Warranty?

Question #11
What about ongoing technical and Clinical support? Is it provided?

Question #12
Will the supplier share any of the buying risk with you ? Are there any guarantees of satisfaction and incentives offered by the seller?

Finally before you make the actual business decision to go ahead and choose a supplier, we would suggest that you thoroughly evaluate why you are considering making such a purchase at this time and to ask yourself what your motivator(s) and needs might be.

For example some questions might be – Is differentiating yourself from your competition important to you, and do you actively take steps to stay ahead of the status quo? Do you want to increase your income base if it offered a lucrative and effective use of yours and your Colleagues and Staff’s time, with a good return on investment?

For another example – Although you were probably aware that at least 50 to 65% of your patient base who suffer from chronic pain of some kind, would be helped by Low Level Laser Therapy, you were probably not aware that they would be willing to pay $100 to $150 per week “out of pocket” for up to 6 to 8 weeks to receive coldlaser treatments. With the right system, it works so well, your patients will consistently turn up for treatment.You will have developed a “niche” market and be ahead of everyone else around you at this time.

The last question to ask is whether the company you are going to be working with can demonstrate and train you how to develop an implementation strategy to drive a lucrative increase in income, while improving your patient outcomes, and therefore your reputation.

We hope you found this consumer awareness message to be helpful. If you have any questions or comments please call us at 800-929-5102. We look forward to being of further service.

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