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Best Home Laser Treatment Spots

We offer the best home laser for pain relief with cold laser therapy or low level laser therapy (LLLT)

Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Lasers are now available for home use.

Now you can own a cold laser and treat yourself and loved ones in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

  1. The cold laser equipment contains the most radiances (individual frequencies of light).
  2. Safest to use. FDA allocated the safest, 1M laser designation to all our lasers. This confirms their safety.
  3. No necessary medical prescription for home use by people or for animals. Full FDA Approval.
  4. All lasers are lightweight and portable and come with carrying cases.
  5. Treats pain, swelling and scar tissue. Achieves symptom resolution (even up to 100%), with a series of treatment.
  6. Versatile. Can safely be used on Humans, companion pets, horses and exotic animals.
  7. Radiances are Super-Pulsed, so they achieve deepest penetration for highest efficacy of treatment.
  8. Effective right from the get/go. For severe problems laser can be used up to twice per day.
  9. Use of blue light to effectively fight STAPH & MRSA.

10.Best value for money compared to all similar competitors’ products.

  1. 2 year warranty is standard.
  2. Ongoing technical and clinical support is provided.
  3. Lasers’ useful life – between 5 to 7 years.

The Cold Laser Equipment we supply achieves outstanding success for problems with knees, ankles, and feet including plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, spinal and neck pain. Great success can even be achieved for conditions like TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and more. We guarantee with our help you can find the best home lasers for your needs.

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