Patient Low Level Laser Treatment Results

This is a Report of the types of conditions we have treated and the results of each.

We use only the best equipment. The Multi Radiance Medical MR4 series that we use in practice is unmatched in the industry. It penetrates further, heals faster, and relieves your suffering; sometimes after only minutes of treatment.

Multi Radiance Medical MR4 therapeutic laser treatments provide the patients with a safe, effective and painless therapy that uses the body’s own natural healing systems to relieve pain, increase joint mobility, increase tissue integrity and promote cell regeneration.

Our cold lasers work by supplying energy to the body in the form of billions of photons of light. The body absorbs this laser light on a cellular level and transforms it into chemical energy, which the body then uses to commence its own tissue repairs. The biostimulating effect of laser
therapy causes a decrease in inflammation and pain and an increase in tissue regeneration and healing.

Multi Radiance Medical MR4 series provides dual wavelength super pulsing technology is the only laser that penetrates up to 5″ into tissue activating all three known cellular pathways

  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Pathway: Accelerates Healing
  • Nitric Oxide (NO) Pathway: Reduces Inflammation
  • Lipid Absorption Pathway: Decreases Pain

Multi Radiance lasers offer treatment for acute and chronic pain conditions, addictions, and cosmetic revitalization. Our lasers help you regain the active and healthy lifestyle you yearn for by utilizing the power of light energy.

Over 3,000 clinical studies worldwide have proven the success of therapeutic lasers in the healing of neural muscular-skeletal conditions. Theralase has performed a blinded randomized control study on chronic knee pain proving the clinical efficacy of Theralase therapeutic laser technology and achieving FDA 510(k) approval for chronic knee pain.

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Patient Status Report May 2001 to June 2017

Condition Number of cases Reduction in pain * % Improvement in function * % Average # Treatments
Osteo-Arthritis 780 83% 81% 28
Tendinitis 560 78% 100% 20
Carpal Tunnel 624 100% 85% 42
Low Back Pain 812 81% 100% 18
Sciatica 312 100% 95% 56
Knee Pain 619 83% 85% 43
ACL torn 452 85% 75% 10
Shoulder Pain 241 100% 85% 66
Bursitis 393 82% 80% 14
Neuropathy 258 70% 65% 16
Golfers elbow 722 75% 85% 12
RSI 243 80% 82% 16
Rehab after surgery 421 100% 100% 30
Pinched Nerve 538 100% 100% 26
Lower Back Pain 652 100% 100% 48
Neck and Shoulder Pain 902 75% 75% 16
Plantar Fasciitis 820 87% 88% 19
Bone Spurs 133 85% 85% 35
TMJ 280 88% 100% 29
Sinusitis 55 86% 100% 18
Tinnitus 72 80% 80% 12
Severe nerve pain 102 65% 60% 34
Moretons neuroma 55 100% 100% 22
Scar tissue 280 100% 85% 39
Ankylosing spondlytis 54 60% 70% 49
Diabetic Neuropathy (Pain, numbness) 163 80% 75% 25

*Includes current active patients
Disclaimer: The data collected and reported here was evaluated entirely from VAS scores to measure reduction in levels of pain and increase -in function. No single blind or double blind clinical studies were included in the statistical data.

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 5 reviews
by R Fox on Cold Laser Therapy

I had an arthritis problem in my back and left shoulder. I like to do gardening that had become very painful to do.Results with Cold Laser Therapy: I was teated 16 times with very good results. I will come back if I have more problems. I also feel the whole treatment program was helpful to my circulation. I am regularly gardening again with little or no pain.

by M Weider on Cold Laser Therapy

Health Condition #1: Persistent low back pain that did not respond to regular chiropractic treatments. Chiropractor referred me for Cold Laser Therapy Treatments. After 6 of these treatments the problem cleared up completely.Health Condition #2: I had a twelve year old injured knee problem that has always been troublesome, with frequent aches and stiffness. The improvement was immediate, and after 6 cold laser treatments this too cleared up completely. The scar tissue in the back of my knee disappeared and I out of pain and have no discomfort at all. I am delighted!

by V Stanek on Cold Laser Therapy

Health Condition: Overweight, Hypertensive, Plantar Fasciitis.Results with Cold Laser Therapy: Fabulous!! I had pain in both feet from Plantar Fasciitis. After one treatment the left foot was pain free. After 10 treatments both feet were pain free. It is wonderful to be able to walk comfortably again after 10 years of pain and problems. I would be most happy to talk to anyone who would like to speak to me about the cold laser program.

by SDS Khalsa on Cold Laser Therapy

Health Condition: I had an arthritis problem in my low back and left shoulder. I also had a right knee that I managed to sprain. It was all very painful. I am a very active Kundalini Yoga teacher, and these problems were significant challenges to me when I taught classes.Results with Cold Laser Treatment: Over the course of treatments my arthritis has much improved to the point where I am now out of pain. My body is strong again and back to full strength. Thank you.

by M. E Hoff on Cold Laser Therapy

Health Condition: Considering my age, I am in reasonable good health. I use a walker – my knees won’t bend and I have trouble getting up and down.Results with Cold Laser Therapy: The week before I had the laser treatment I had trouble putting my sock on my right foot. I couldn’t lift the right leg high enough to get on my stationary bike. After the first treatment that knee was much better and I excersise on the bike every night before I go to bed. Also, I sleep better. The knee doesn’t wake me up when I twist and turn. After 16 treatments my arthritic knee is better.

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